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The Kohler Choreograph Collection: An Elegant Alternative to your Bulky, in-the-way Tub

Bath to Shower Conversions – Convenience

Eliminate hassle and jumpstart your morning routine by walking right into a replacement Kohler standing shower. Rather than an unnecessary step, the Kohler Choreograph collection features a flat plate surface for quick access.

Replacing your tub also allows you to capitalize on space formerly claimed by bulky sides all the way-or ¾ of the way-around, so there’s less straining and bending to reach everything you need.

Especially if you find you never use your bath for actual bathing, it may be time to reconsider the purpose of a full tub. Walk-in showers provide not only convenience, but a more open and modern look. Reclaim your space with a Kohler shower and start optimizing today.

Switch for Kohler showers for peace of mind—with unrivaled ease-of-use and safety features.
A Wider, Safer Shower

Bath to Shower Conversions – Safety

If you’re at risk of falling or slipping in the tub-as we all are with age-be sure to factor safety into your light bathroom remodeling checklist. According for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 81% of bathroom injuries are caused by falling, and of those, 2/3 occur within or because of a bathtub.

With a Kohler shower system, you can improve your bathing area as you expand it. In addition to the flat surface and increased space, Choreograph showers come with a range of optional features to improve safety while showering. Add a signature Kohler barre for storage and support, or a mobile in-shower stool for added stability.

Contact us today to inquire about our safety options—for you or a loved one. The Kohler shower system in partnership with our careful installation can give you the peace of mind you deserve in your Dreamstyle shower.

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