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Dreamstyle Bathroom Remodeling

Redefine your Whole Bathroom with One Easy Update

With a simple Dreamstyle showers conversion, you can completely enhance the look and usability of your bathroom. Converting a tub automatically reclaims up to 50% of your bathroom space, producing an impact beyond that of a change to any other fixture.

You may even find that installing a Kohler Choreograph shower system-rather than a full bathroom remodel-is all you need for a fresh new look.

Upgrade your bathroom with confidence knowing your beautiful new shower is backed by over 140 years of Kohler engineering and expertise.
Get More with Kohler Choreograph
  • Price: Far less costly than a traditional shower remodel, Choreograph systems are also hassle-free to install with Dreamstyle remodeling.
  • Space: Wider than your tub, a standing shower makes for a more spacious design.
  • Quality: Made with 80% natural stone composite, showers by Kohler will stand the test of time.
  • Style: Your Kohler shower’s custom options means it fits your house, your routine, and your preferences.
Finalize your New Bathroom with Accessories

Your Kohler shower accessories are made to match or compliment any pre-established color, style or organizational features. Choose showerheads and hardware in 3 or more metal finishes, then add barres to match.

Discover the Possibilities

With a full range of wall options, you can choose the perfect color or color combination and size to fit your bathroom.

Accessorize Your Shower

Mix and match storage, fixture, and other accessory options to complete the look of your bathroom shower remodel.

Getting Started

If you decide on a full bathroom remodel, a Kohler Choreograph shower system is still the best place to start. Your new shower will set the tone for the rest of the room as the most statement-making feature.

No matter which direction you take your new bathroom design, Dreamstyle Remodeling can get you set up with an in-home consultation today.

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